The federal income tax deadline for 2016 has passed.

The state tax deadline for 2016 has passed.

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Self-Employment Services

If you work for yourself (self employed), your taxes can be VERY COMPLEX. This is definitely not something you should take on yourself. Working for yourself can be difficult enough, don’t compound the difficulty by attempting to keep your own books straight.

Gorilla Tax Services can help with all aspects of tax preparation and bookkeeping for the self-employed. We will make sure you are doing what you are supposed, when you’re supposed to.

We will help you keep up with all of the deductions a self employed worker can take advantage of. Make sure to keep all of your receipts throughout the year and a running log or weekly diary of expenses so that it’s easy to prove that your deductions are legitimate. Business expenses can cover many items and services, including:

  • office supplies
  • printing
  • postage and shipping
  • phone and Internet service used for your business
  • memberships in professional organizations
  • subscriptions to journals and magazines needed in your work
  • advertising fees
  • business insurance
  • seminars
  • courses
  • services by other professionals (accountants, lawyers and the like)

Contact us today to schedule your self-employment account services consultation. Call Gorilla Tax now at (205) 640-0002 or visit our CONTACT page for our office location and to utilize our contact form to send us a message.

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